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About Amber Markay

Amber Markay is a seasoned art professional who works with both galleries & artists to create custom plans to help them reach their goals. With an artists heart and passion for building strong community through art, Amber Markay takes her professional art-business expertise to both galleries and artists across the country.

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Artist Rep Team, LLC
2008 - present
Founder | Owner

dk Gallery, LLC
2009 - 2015
Marketing & Promotions

Marietta Square Branding Project
Executive Director

Markay Gallery, LLC
2016 - present
Founder | Gallerist

Amber Markay Consulting
2018 - present
Founder | Owner

Marietta Arts Council
2017 - present
Board Member

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Amber Markay is someone who truly cares about the artists that she represents. Her dedication to the art world is unprecedented. She is truly a hard worker and a champion for artists.
— Deb Rosenbury, artist
Amber Markay is a true professional. She is that great combination of someone who understands, recognizes and appreciates the artist and their passion, along with recognizing great work, combined with an outstanding business sense and a great and endearing personality.

I have known Amber for over ten years. We first became connected when she worked with dk gallery in Marietta, GA. Amber also helped me reach out to galleries outside of the Atlanta area. I became reunited with Amber upon her opening Markay Gallery.
— Jim Greenwood, artist
Amber is indomitable: absolutely tireless in her pursuit of the perfect placement, the right event, the best marketing materials. She has an incisive eye for curating beautiful pieces, but supports artists with a tender and understanding heart. She is always positive. It was a pleasure to work with Amber. Her experience and professional knowledge make her a powerful ally in the art business; her personality and kindness make her a great friend to have in your corner.
— Shelley Helms Fleishman, artist
Amber Markay came to work at our start up gallery in 2009 as a young new mom and volunteer. Her passion and love of the arts is as apparent as her beautiful heart and soul for people. After just one evening of volunteering, I asked her to join our small team. I was in awe of her extra terrestrial creative ability. Her suave yet humble nature immediately made gallery goers interested in learning more about the art. Amber is a skilled writer, presenter, organizer and administrator. But it’s her heart for the artist that makes her a truly unique partner to anyone she consults. Amber will be an asset to all she serves.
— Donna Krueger, gallery owner | dk Gallery
I absolutely love everything about working with Amber Markay. Amber’s gallery dream of bringing together diverse forms of contemporary art resulted in one of the most beautifully curated galleries in all of Atlanta. With unfailing enthusiasm and energy, Amber encouraged me to push my boundaries as a painter, and in doing so, made it possible for me to realize many of my artistic goals.

I am so very proud to have been a part of Markay Gallery and so grateful for Amber’s continued inspiration and support.
— Kathy McCullen, artist
As an artist and maker, it has been a pleasure to work with Amber Markay. She is both personally and professionally kind, caring and accessible.

In her role as my agent/representative, she has been highly effective at displaying and promoting my work, ever on the lookout for creative, new opportunities for its best presentation. She is a committed advocate for all of the artists she represents and I continue to be energized by her ceaseless encouragement, enthusiasm and perseverance.
— Kathy Colt, artist | designer - Fibers & Decorative Textiles


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 The Art of the Business of Art.